The coupler range is characterized by a very high quality (IP 67H) and durability. The medium and high voltage connectors, which are developed and produced since 1961, are used in most extreme applications all over the world. The connectors of the C- and the new IMG series are designed for rated voltages from 600 V to 25 kV and rated currents up to max. 650 A. The connectors are available in a wide range of sizes. The modular system of the C-series enables unproblematic maintenance work and simple replacement of wearing parts. The relatively new IMG series enables a non-destructive and unproblematic dismantling of the installed cable. The conductors are not soldered, screwed or crimped, but fastened radially and centrally symmetrically to a “Wedge Pin” with a union nut. Furthermore, no potting compound is used. Instead, dielectric insulation materials with high dielectric strength are used. Customized connector solutions such as connectors with fiber optic and/or controling wire connections are available on request at any time. Furthermore, many useful components for the use of the connectors are available in the “Accessories” section.

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