Standard, Ex and customized high voltage cable connection solutions for your requirements of today and tomorrow.

altgeld products provides you with perfect solutions which are tailored to the needs of your industry.

The altgeld products approach:

Benefit from Jens Altgeld‘s overall expertise. He knows the specific challenges your branch faces. After an on-site actual state analysis, he develops pragmatical solutions around high voltage cable connections. Competent advisory + matching products for your industry: this is our added value.


In tunneling highest demands are placed towards all involved systems. It is important to resist temperature fluctuations and humid environments whether the tunnel boring or mechanical excavation [...]

Mining and open-pit mining

Particularly high requirements are placed on mechanical firmness in the mining and open-pit mining industries. The environment is extremely rough: All involved products have to be resistant to [...]

Shore to ship industry

Providing containers, ro-ro and cruisers in maritime ports with modern shore to ship industry is on trend. This affects the appropriate infrastructure as well. In this setting a high IP [...]

Oil and gas industry

One of the most important requirements within the oil and gas industry is reliable quality even under extreme use, in addition to Ex certification of all products involved.

Chemical industry

For outdoor installations in chemistry parks most of the time Ex approved junction boxes are used. Some extent standard junction boxes are utilized. And in some situations, customized solutions [...]

Harbor and crane industry

The product requirements within the harbor and crane industry are diverse. For the harbor’s infrastructure special junction boxes with IP 68 protection are required. The junction boxes are partly [...]

Standard industries

The segment standard industries cover diverse applications of transportation, conveyor systems, large construction sites, waterworks, building installation, electrical installation business, [...]

Wind energy

Within the field of wind energy customers have extreme requirements regarding durability and corrosion resistance. There are numerous possible applications for connectors and junction boxes.