IMG 8000V flange mounted

8 kV Coupler

IMG 8000V flange mounted

Design: flange mounted coupler (plug & receptacle)
Contact assignment: 3 phase, 1 ground, 1 pilot
Rated voltage: 8 kV 3AC
Rated current: 400 A
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Protection class: IP 67
Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +45 °C
Sealing: EPDM, potting compound (not required)
Cable cross section: 35 – 185 mm²
Material: sea water resistant aluminum AA 356.2
Surface treatment: nature, epoxy powder coating
Dimensions P / R (L x ø): 211 x 271 mm / 259 x 271 mm
Weight Plug / Receptacle: 9,92 kg / 11,58 kg

New IMG Coupler Series

  • Contacting the conductors without soldering or crimping
  • Low contact resistance, homogeneous current density
  • Radially symmetrical and safe conductor contacting
  • Connection is reusable again
  • Secure and lasting connection between male and female contacts
  • Radially symmetrical contact pressure
  • Homogeneous current density
  • UL listed material
  • High electric strength
  • High durability, high heat resistance and high dielectric strength
  • Guarantees protection class IP 67
  • High strain-relief and bending protection
  • Reusable again
  • Provides air-free termination
  • If damaged, the entire connector does not have to be replaced
  • Maintenance and user friendly
  • Cable connection solution in case of female to female or male to male
  • Straight, rotated or changed phases (with adapters)
  • Installation of a “Kirk” key locking system for protection against unintentional opening
  • Enables an access with key
  • Side handles enables handling with the connectors
  • Mounting feet allow the fixing of a connector
  • Different colors available (customized)
  • 1 or 2 Live Line Indicators (2 available with adapters)
  • Signalized a live coupler connection
  • CS = cable mounted coupler, EM = equipment mounted coupler, JB = coupler mounted to junction box
  • CL = cable mounted coupler with leg mount, CH = cable mounted coupler with handle

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