C250 flange mounted

25 kV Coupler

C250 flange mounted

Design: flange mounted coupler (as plug)
Contact assignment: 3 phase, 1 ground, 1 pilot
Rated voltage: 25 kV 3 AC
Rated withstand voltage: 50 kV (1 min) dry
Rated current: 650 A
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Protection class: IP 67H
Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +45 °C
Shock resistance: IK 10
Sealing: EPDM, potting compound not required
Cable cross section: max. 240 mm²
Material: heat treated, sea water resistant aluminum
Surface treatment: epoxy powder coating
Dimensions Receptacle (L x H): 343 x 251 mm
Weight Receptacle: 16,01 kg
USP: electric strength without using potting compound


  • The strain relief entrance fittings are included with the coupler C250.
  • The entrance fitting gasket kits are not included with the C250 coupler series. It has to be ordered separately.
  • No termination kits are required for the C250 coupler.
  • For the C250 coupler series no potting compound is required but possible as an additional sealing against the formation of moisture.

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