C150 flange mounted

15 kV Coupler

C150 flange mounted

Design: flange mounted coupler (plug & receptacle)
Contact assignment: 3 phase, 1 ground, 1 pilot
Rated voltage: 15 kV 3 AC
Rated withstand voltage: 50 kV (1 min) dry
Rated current: 500 A
Short circuit current: 38 kA RMS
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Protection class: IP 67H
Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +45 °C
Shock resistance: IK 10
Sealing: EPDM and potting compound
Cable cross section: 35 – 240 mm²
Material: sea water resistant aluminum
Surface treatment: nature, epoxy powder coating
Dimensions P / R (L x ø): 229 x 311 mm / 210 x 311 mm
Weight Plug / Receptacle: 14,5 kg / 12,3 kg
USP: with separable fiber optic connection (optionally)


  • Fiber optic components have been developed to meet military specifications and requirements
  • Three times the crush resistance and twice the tensile strength of non-metallic fiber optic cables
  • Communication is not impacted even if rolled over by a tank
  • Totally rodent proof
  • Pollution resistance – designed for connection and disconnection on site
  • High performance 2,5 mm termini and a split ceramic alignment sleeve assures superior performance and low optical insertion loss even under high shock and vibration
  • Aluminum enclosure with durable anodization
  • Stainless steel version on request
  • APC terminals on request
  • Single mode and multi mode operation possible
  • Configurable design supports from 2 -18 fiber channels per connector
  • Environmental sealing to IP68
Product: Live current insulated cover
Features: Possibility of applying a voltage to the connector even when not plugged in
Design: Male design for C80D1-series
Female design for C80D2-series
Mating combability: for 5, 8 and 15 kV coupler of C series
Rated voltage Male / Female Pluggable with Patton & Cooke
250 A M PK8S-Mxy PK8F-Mx C80C1000x 11E-073
F RK8S-Fxy RK8F-Fx C80C2000x 11E-073A
400 A M PL5S-Mxy PL5F-Mx 11D-110
C80D1000x C80D3008
F RL5S-Fxy RL5F-Fx 11D-110A
C80D2000x C80D3009
Product: short circuit cover
  • for shorting and grounding
  • avoidance of capacitive loads
  • in the cable and connectors
Design: plug design for C80D1-series
receptacle Design for C80D2-series
Usage: for C80D-series (400 A)
  • The strain relief entrance fittings are included with the couplers C10, C80, C150, CEM150, C250 and P/R series. For the IMG series both, the original IMG and P&C entrance fittings can be used => depending on cable
  • The entrance fitting gasket kits are normally not included with the C coupler series. For Europe, there are exceptions, so this point must be requested on a case by case basis. The same applies to the IMG series.
  • The termination kits must be ordered separately with the C80, C150, CEM150 and P/R series. However no termination kits are required for the C250 coupler and the whole IMG series.

The termination kit for preparing the conductors consists of: emery paper, shrink tubing, adhesive strap, copper contact tape, contact spring, resin for pressure relief and solvent as well as cleaning cloths.

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