PCS Ex p – SIL 2 Control System

Package/Modular Substations/ Power- Control Cabins

PCS Ex p – SIL 2 Pressurization Control System

Application: Pressurized encapsulation system for enclosures and switch cabinets in an Ex atmosphere
Rated voltage: 24 kV DC
Rated current: 10 A
Protection class: IP 55
Ambient temperature: -20 °C bis +45 °C
Ex classification: zone 1 and 21, group 1 category M2
Not installable in: zone 0 and 20, group 1 category M1
Standards: IEC EN 60079-2, IEC EN 60079-14, IEC EN 60079-7, IEC EN 60204-1, IEC EN 61508, IEC EN 61511, IEC EN 50495, ATEX 2014/34/EU


  • programmable logic control panel that regulates and controls the overpressure in the transformer or control cabinet
  • high reliability due to redundancies
  1. Ex p control unit in an Ex d enclosure, which guarantees the safety conditions and carries out and monitors the purging and pressure build-up process
  2. safety device in Ex i execution
  3. Ex p valve for purging and pressure build-up
  4. shut-off system (all-pole), indication and regulation of the pressure