QMT-B MV-Switchgear


QMT-B Metal-Clad Medium Voltage Switchgear

Application: indoor, power distribution (protection, disconnection, measurement, …)
Rated frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Protection class: IP 4X (higher protection on request), IP 20 with open door
Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +40 °C
Rated humidity: 90% at 20 °C
Arc lightning test: annex “C” IEC EN 62271-200
Certificates: IEC EN 62271-200, IEC EN 61439-1, IEC EN 61439-2, IEC EN 60529, CEI 0-16


Rated voltage 12 kV 17,5 kV 24 kV
Rated insulation voltage 12 kV 17,5 kV 24 kV
Rated withstand voltage (1 min) 28 kV 38 kV 50 kV
Rated impulse withstand voltage 75 kV 95 kV 125 kV
Rated short time withstand current (3 s) 50 kA 50 kA 31,5 kA
Internal arc withstand current (1 s) 50 kA 50 kA 31,5 kA
Main rated busbar current 3150 A 3150 A 3150 A
Arc lightning test LSC2B-PM LSC2B-PM LSC2B-PM


  • extreme modularity and compact structure
  • withdrawable circuit breaker compartment
  • mechanical interlocks for safe procedures
  • having a possible air or SF6 insulation
  • having internal arc proof
  • guarantee service continuity and maximum safety
  • an easy inspection and maintenance
  • metal encapsulated, air insulated and type tested
  • complete partitioning between the busbar compartments of neighboring cubicles and the busbar
  • withdrawable unit and cable connection compartments
  • designed for arc fault protection
  • suitable for monitoring an external automation system that can be managed by individual devices
  • main busbar compartment
    => in the upper part of the control cabinet, separated from other units
  • disconnetor and circuit breaker compartment
    => contains the vacuum LS with air, vacuum and compressed air connection or SF6 gas insulation
    => control functions for switch-disconnectors and earthing switches on the front of the cubicles
    => all departments of all fields include slide-in technology
  • cable compartment
    => in the lower part of the switchgear, protected by an interlocked door
  • 3 auxiliary circuit compartments
    => located above the switch-disconnector compartment
    => measuring instruments, protection relays, fuses, low voltage switches, transformer

Depending on the version with/without arc fault protection, air or SF6 insulation, size and types of withdrawable units